✥ In the end, we are all mad...
There was once a lonely spirit, who believed in the magic of words. She would spend hours scratching her stories upon the bark of her trees, left there for no one to ever see them.
One day, she stumbled upon a kingdom with twisted tales of a masked man, a damned html, and a blood gulch; of a Mad King, a RPG queen, and a quitted rage; of a cheesy one-liner, a slow-moving duo, and a red revolution.
Choosing to use her magic here, so she stayed.

(art by ghosty-of-hue)


As someone who loves Chemistry, this speaks volumes to me.

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AH Game Night - Gavin & Michael

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rooster teeth meme [2/33] favourite rt female - lindsay jones

The wedding’s over, but I’m still having stress dreams. Last night I dreamt that no one came except @GavinFree & a friend from high school.

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achievement hunter gif/graphics meme

[six] behind the scenes: 5. tickle then topple

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so this guy in my class got really annoyed at his laptop and yelled “YOU SMEGGING SMEGPOT” and i was like “where did you even get those words from”

and he looked kinda embarrassed and just glared at me and my tower of pimps hoodie and just said “you fucking know where I got it from”

didn’t even know he watched achievement hunter up until that point

that is the best way to discover an achievement hunter fan

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never in my life did I think that toilet doors would make me so angry

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An interview with the VP of press and marketing at Ubisoft [x]

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the first person to die was probably like “dude what”

rooster teeth’s most viewed videos [as of 10/19/14] insp

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