✥ In the end, we are all mad...
There was once a lonely spirit, who believed in the magic of words. She would spend hours scratching her stories upon the bark of her trees, left there for no one to ever see them.
One day, she stumbled upon a kingdom with twisted tales of a masked man, a damned html, and a blood gulch; of a Mad King, a RPG queen, and a quitted rage; of a cheesy one-liner, a slow-moving duo, and a red revolution.
Choosing to use her magic here, so she stayed.

(art by ghosty-of-hue)


The King is dead;
Long live the King

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Track: Ryan's excited about the tree
Artist: Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 122 - King Gavin Part 2
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Ryan in GTA AU: -creepy, serious, extremely intelligent, intimidating-
Ryan playing GTA: -sets self on fire- i'M THE GHOST RIDER
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Kerry Skarbakka - The Struggle to Right Oneself (2011)

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A small eulogy for The Patch’s hourglass

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some transparent gents to match the lads 

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If Tumblr is so accepting and loving of aliens, then why is it that meesa, Jar Jar Binks,

❝ stop fucking it up ❞

- an important message from Ryan Haywood to the world (via teamcfvy)

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regay if your blog

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